Navigating the Cape Cod Region’s Blue Economy

1812 Expedition Blue 421

Falmouth Harbor

Right off Scranton Avenue between the Harbormaster's Office and the Flying Bridge restaurant, enjoy sweeping views of Falmouth's working waterfront.


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Falmouth’s Busy Harbor

Falmouth Harbor is an on-the-go area of growth and change. Folks here live the life aquatic, from towboat captains to captains of industry whose yachts rely on Falmouth’s storied boatyards. The commercial boat ramp is in high demand, and construction here is constant: boats, bulkheads, docks, and more are built, repaired, restored, and expanded.

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Oysters Grow In Falmouth Harbor

Falmouth Harbor is home to yacht clubs, restaurants and motels, but did you know that oysters are grown right here too? They call the Town of Falmouth’s Marine and Environmental Service oyster upwellers their home. Oysters eat microscopic marine plants called phytoplankton, reducing the amount of nitrogen and helping improve the Harbor’s water quality. Thanks, oysters!

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