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Smuggler's Beach

Smuggler's Beach is a site that provides the perfect place for one to relax and unwind, while peering out towards the spectacular views of Nantucket Sound and listening to the sound of the crashing waves of the Nantucket Sound. Additionally, "Smuggler's" Beach played an intriguing role in the systematic smuggling of alcohol during the prohibition era.


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Smuggler’s Beach: Relax and Play

The only thing folks smuggle here today is fun! Smuggler’s Beach, named for its rum-smuggling past, is a family-friendly beach for all to enjoy, featuring an accessible recreational fishing pier and boat launch for easy access to Bass River and Nantucket Sound. In addition to breathtaking views, this site has a fascinating and rich history.

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Smuggler’s Beach: Relax and Play Continued

The "Smuggler's Beach" name for this site first came about during the Prohibition era. as this location was the site of many illegal rum-smuggling operations during that time era.

Another interesting feature of the Yarmouth area is the artificial fishing reef composed of recycled tires located 2 miles south of Bass River. This 127-acre site was developed by the Town’s Department of Natural Resources in 1978 to provide a desirable habitat for finfish and lobsters in an otherwise featureless area. This is Massachusetts’s oldest and largest artificial reef, and it serves as a vital asset to the recreational and commercial fishing community. The reef continues to be maintained by the Yarmouth Department of Natural Resources and was expanded as recently as January 2020.

Getting Here

This Waypoint is located on the southeast corner of the Smuggler's Beach parking lot. In season, there is a fee to park.

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